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Form Finisher!

Built for developers who are tired of overpriced solutions with too many features. With elFormo, you get stupid simple form processing and response retrieval via email.

Built for people that build websites.

No templates, no WYSIWYG editors, no fluff. We get out of your way so you can get back to building.

Simple and painless processing.

elFormo makes it simple and painless to process forms from anywhere that serves HTML, even on static sites.

Free plan available to everyone.

elFormo will process your static site's forms for as low as $4/mo (paid annually), with a free plan available.

Setting up and processing forms should be stupid simple.

These days we are able to host a site on GitHub Pages for free, have several sites running on AWS S3 for pennies a month, yet we are still paying $29/mo for form processing?

Let's change that.

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  • Process forms on any web page
  • Adding forms to your site is dead simple
  • Custom forms via your own HTML
  • Submissions are emailed instantly
  • View submissions in app or download
The luchador elFormo in red regalia

Stop paying for features you don't use.

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